My most recent outfit of choice!

I wish I was a Kangaroo...

Not really, but it would make holding a baby and getting things done around the house easier...but that is where this outfit comes in!
Outfit Items:

Top: Luxe Striped V-Neck Tee for Women from Old NavyPants: 'Slim Illusion Luxe - Kimmie' Bootcut Jeans from NordstromsShoes: Miller Flip Flop by Tory Burch

Accessories: Watch: Garmin Fenix 5SShoes: Miller Flip Flop by Tory BurchBaby Carrier: Carrier by CubyWhy I love this look:
Now I don't really wish I was a kangaroo, but having a built in pouch would be very helpful nowadays.  While I am a new mom and love spending time with my little girl, I love being productive and moving around as well.  Well, with my hands filled with my newborn, being productive was becoming increasingly harder.  So I paired my typical 'at home' look with a baby carrier from Cuby which allows we to hold Aurora with one hand and get things done with the other!

Lilac and Neutrals

Outfit Items: Top: Women's UA Threadborne™ High Neck Tank from Under ArmourPants: Mipaws Full-Length High Waisted Yoga PantsJacket: Well earned from the New York City Marathon!!Accessories:
Watch: Garmin Fenix 5S

Shoes: MizunoWaveknit 2 Running ShoeRing: Women's Pearl Scallop Silicone Ring by QALO
Why I love this look: Every have one of those outfits that just makes you feel fit? Well this is that outfit for me!  These pants are so comfortable, I forget I am even wearing pants, plus the high waistline helps me remember to keep my stomach tight.  This shirt is a looser fit which keeps me cool, and this jacket reminds me of why I train so hard - to run in the New York City Marathon!  When I first got this pair of Lilac pants, I wasn't exactly sure which colors would pair well with it, so I decided to stick to neutral tones like white, grey and black. They compliment each other perfectly!

Loving Lilac

Outfit Items: Top: Women's Medium Support Seamless Racerback Bra - All in Motion from TargetPants: Mipaws Full-Length High Waisted yoga pants
Accessories: Watch: Garmin Fenix 5SShoes: Pop-Color Flip Flops from Old NavyWhy I love this look: I am still determined to venture out of my wardrobe comfort zone so I paired up with a yoga pant company called Mipaws to try out their beautiful lilac colored yoga pants. I absolutely love this color and became even more in love with the material these pants were made out of.  I think it is called butter... seriously they are so soft!! Plus this high waist allows me to 'control' that little extra baby weight I am working to run off!

Babes in Blue

Outfit Items: Top: Old Navy Breathe ON Tie-Back Performance Tank TopPants: Old Navy High-Waisted ElevateFloral Compression Crops
Jacket: Lululemon Another MileJacketAccessories: Watch: Garmin Fenix 5SShoes: WaveKnitRunning ShoesWhy I love this look: I was so nervous to wear patterned pants for the first time, but these pants were too cute to pass by. Plus, which a black base and hues of blue, it was the perfect, settle pattern to “get my feet wet” in terms of rocking a fun pattern. Plus, with a looser fitting top, it hides any “problem areas” or unwanted camel toe 🤣 This jacket I have had FOREVER and it is literally the PERFECT running jacket. It has so many pocket, thumb holes and a warm, detachable vest which is perfect on its own as well if you need an extra layer during your winter runs.


Outfit Items: Top: Old Navy Breathe ON Tie-Back Performance Tank TopShorts: Lululemon Align Shorts 4"
Accessories: Watch: Garmin Fenix 5SShoes: WaveKnit Running Shoes Why I love this look: I love, love, love these shorts! They are flattering to be worn on their own, but they also fit perfectly under any dress, skirt, or other item that you want to avoid a "money shot" incident.  The Breather ON tank is very light weight and one of the softest workout shirts I own.  It is perfect for a warm summer day when I just want to stay cool.


C'est La Vie
Outfit Items: Top: Forever21 White Button Up BodysuitSkirt: Tall Ponte Flippy Skirt from Anne Taylor LOFT  Accessories: Watch: Garmin Fenix 5SShoes: Trotter Noelle Point Toe Pump from Nordstrom’s!Necklace: Swarovski Dancing Swan Necklace
Why I love this look: I don’t know why, but I feel very “French” in this look. Maybe it is from the old, classic movies I used to watch that take place in Paris.  There was always a leading lady who wore a classy, flowy skirt paired with a proper blouse tucked in.  She would be styling a simple pair of ‘casual’ heels and have no shortage of quick comebacks to toss at the leading man.  Well, I wish this outfit came with a list of witty comebacks, but I’ll just have to come up with those on my own!


Office Casual
Outfit Items: Top: H&M Black Ribbed BodysuitSkirt: Kohl’s Juniors - Polka Dot version linked HERE Accessories: Watch: Garmin Fenix 5SShoes: Trotter Noelle Point Toe Pump from Nordstrom’s!
Why I love this look: Inspired by Ms. Bella’s beautiful German Shepard coat, this look is comfortable and professional.  Plus I can wear it straight from the office to happy hour! The shape and for of this skirt is also a great item because I can wear my running shorts underneath without anyone being able to tell.